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shutterstock 709842355By now, Hingham winter sports are in full swing.  One thing that we don’t want our amazing Hingham patients to forget is the importance of wearing a mouthguard.  The importance of mouthguards is highlighted by statistics on sports injuries, which show that these plastic or laminate devices are essential for adults and children who take part in sport at any level.

Many people in the U.S. lose teeth through sports-related accidents that could have been avoided by wearing a mouthguard. We don’t want this happening to our Hingham patients!  The American Dental Association (ADA) estimates that a third of all dental damage is sports related.

We care about our Hingham patients so much and are here to help educate you. They Mouthguards prevent thousands of injuries every year. Mouthguards don’t just protect your teeth. They also help to keep your jaw, tongue, and cheeks safe, and lessen the danger of concussion.

Sport-related oral trauma accounts for 600,000 emergency room visits a year. Don’t let this happen in Hingham!  As a result, some sporting organizations make mouthguards mandatory. The importance of mouthguards is further underlined by studies that show:

  • Three-quarters of high school sports injuries could be prevented by mouthguards.
  • Nearly half of these mishaps happen during basketball and baseball.
  • Nine percent of all athletes sustain oral damage.
  • Three percent report loss of consciousness.
  • More than half of all concussions occur in the absence of mouthguards.
  • Five million people in the U.S. lose teeth in sports-related injuries every year.
  • Two million youngsters suffer sports-related tooth loss each year 

Thank you for reading and best of luck Hingham athletics!  Be sure to reach out to us if we can help our Hingham patients with any custom mouthguards. 

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