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Getting your child to their twice per year dental cleaning can sometimes be a struggle.
Between juggling different schedules and managing other aspects of a parent’s life it is
easy for this to get pushed aside or forgotten about. However, ensuring that kids have
their bi-annual checkup with their dentist is very important even at an early age.
Keeping a child’s baby teeth healthy will help to be sure that their grown-up teeth are
healthy, too! We love our Hingham families and want to help in any way we can.
Here, we make it as easy as possible to schedule a dental cleaning…right down the
street from Hingham! Because we know the importance of having these visits, we make
scheduling as easy and quick as possible!

South Shore Children’s Dentistry is open 5 days a week, as well as most holidays and
all school vacations. In addition, we always have access to the Hingham school
calendar so we can help you leverage half days, etc.…
Making the scheduling of a kids dental cleaning easy is one of our top priorities. Do you
live in Hingham and need to schedule a visit? Feel free to contact our front desk team,
and they can help in making the appointments and answer any questions you may
have. Our team thrives on helping our patients make the best decisions for their little
ones to ensure they grow up with beautiful and amazing looking teeth with no cavities or
gum issues.

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